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A German film production company has requested a review copy of Miss Hyde!

**Breaking news! A German film production company has requested a review copy of Miss Hyde. This same company produced the film adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffmann’s gothic novella Der Sandmann.


Every girl has a dark side. Marion Jekyll’s is Miss Hyde.

From the winner of the James D. Phelan Literary Award, comes the sensational sequel to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, set in a Vienna like no other, where fantastical inventions grace the halls of the World’s Fair and anything is possible–even complete physical transformation.

ImageAll she wants is a holiday. Instead she gets a new life.

On a spring day in 1873 Marion Jekyll arrives by train in Vienna for her holiday, escaping a life in London that oppressed her and painful memories she buried as a child. She is nineteen and under the charge of her officious legal guardian, who is in Vienna on mysterious business, with Marion in tow. She has been but few things in her short life–an orphan, a bastard, an epileptic–but in Vienna she is an exciting stranger whose horizons are about to expand.

It is here, under the glittering lights of old Vienna, in a time when political unrest rules the day and cafés teem with secret meetings at night, that Marion encounters a young man she never dreamed to find. It is only here, where mesmerists plumb their patients’ psyches, digging for for hidden truths, that Marion unleashes a powerful side of herself in a fight for her very life.

**Note** This is a novel of 72,000 words portraying a chaste and proper romance, i.e., clean romance, as befits the era of the story. The courtship scenes contain all the thrills of first love, without the embarrassing details. Although the story contains no sexual content whatsoever, it does allude to sexual tension. The book is not Christian or inspirational per se; however, there is a non-denominational, spiritual dimension to the story.

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Awards Imogen Has Won

First Place, James D. Phelan Literary Award
First Place, Romancing the Novel Award
Presidential Scholar in the Arts
National Recognition and Talent Search Award
Apprenticeships in Fiction, sponsored by the Arts Council England

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